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CVT Pushbelt BV

CVT Pushbelt BV is the official aftermarket distributor.

Pushbelts are used in Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) for motor vehicles. The popularity of CVT Tranmissions is tremendously incraesing in the automotive industry. An increasing number of car manufacturers use this application to reduce fuel consumption and reach the requierments of environmental legislation.

We are very proud at CVT Pushbelt BV to have the opportunity to serve the aftermarket of automatic transmissions with this OEM product, manufactured by Bosch Transmission Technology Netherlands

On this website you can find the correct application of pushbelt to car. When you require more information about how to use our product please contact us via our contact or order form which you will find on the fifth and sixth page of our website.

From 26 October till 1 November 2016, we are attending the ATRA Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas.
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